Vision: „A world where we Europeans collaboratively created an aerospace sector with an inclusive representation.“

Women in Aerospace (WIA), founded in the USA in 1985, is dedicated to increasing the leadership capabilities and visibility of women in the aerospace community. WIA acknowledge and promote innovative individuals who strive to advance the aerospace industry as a whole. Simonetta Di Pippo and Claudia Kessler founded in 2009 the Women In Aerospace Europe to support the creation of a diverse environment in the European space sector.

WIA-Europe, since its foundation, became even more one of the reference professional association in Europe for women and men who wants to work and develop professionally in the space sector, to promote space programs and to support the young generation to come and to contribute in shaping the future. WIA-Europe is for women and men who want to be part of a modern association, global network to build all levels of diversity and inclusion.

WIA-Europe (WIA-E) has come into existence through tight and fruitful coordination and cooperation with WIA and the same process is in place for the other sisters at worldwide (e.g.: WIA Canada in 2010, WIA Africa in 2011, WIA Japan and Mexico in 2017).

WIA-Europe is pleased to have 25 enthusiast and valuable corporate members. Our corporate members build the financial backbone of the association and are a key stabilizing factor to implement our project for gender equality and inclusion within the space sector.

WIA-Europe, with the support of Local Groups and the dedication of many volunteers, has continued to expand and to support the creation of a diverse environment in the space sector. WIA-Europe counts today 11 local groups in the European Cities where there is a considerable presence of Space Activities. They are strong, ever-growing and diverging units that meet regularly for networking events, trainings and lectures. These events include professional trainings and workshops with qualified trainers and coaches, company visits, mentoring evenings or simply social occasions. All local groups are free to organize a programme that matches the expectations of the local WIA community. This is key to enable to succeed realizing the many challenging visions in the space sector attracting the best professionals regardless of their gender.

WIA-Europe has also become partner of an important project in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affair (UNOOSA): “Space for Women”.