Centre of Excellence for Advanced ADCS Components, Propulsion and Laser Communications

Founded in 2013 Hyperion Technologies joined AAC Clyde Space in 2020 and are now known as AAC Hyperion.

AAC Hyperion is based in Delft, the Netherlands, and specialises in high performance components for small spacecraft. We are renowned for our attitude and orbit control technologies and laser communications. Access to this key technology adds substantial capability to AAC Clyde Space’s missions offering.

AAC Hyperion has built a global market presence, supplying a range of customers to some of the world’s largest space companies and different institutions like universities, from the Canadian Space Agency, the European Space Agency, D-Orbit, to the University of Maribor and Aalto University. We collaborate closely with Dutch research institutes and supply chain partners on technology for optical satellite communications, a key technology for future satellites.