Lens R&D is a Dutch SME specialized in high reliability Sunsensors.

The current top model currently under qualification (BiSon64-B) has shown enough radiation tolerance to survive several hundreds of years in GEO.

Precursor sensors have been tested without failure up to 15.000g shock, 58.6g random and 30g sine vibration.

Also 24.000 thermal cycles between -90°C and +95°C have been completed successfully  (tests up to 36.000 thermal cycles are running.

The integrated baffle ensures an as high as possible accuracy even in presence of Earth Albedo

This means the sensor can be seen as a one size fits all, select and forget sensor.

In order to mitigate albedo effects completely, Lens R&D is also working on the development of a small true digital Sunsensor

The developments are controlled by a compact but highly capable team of 6, covering all required disciplines, from design and quality assurance through project management and logistics.

The manufacturing and assembly activities are outsourced to experienced manufacturers so as to have a very good scalability of production.

Lens R&D will be represented by Johan Leijtens (systems engineer and CEO) and Marijke van Santen (logistics, office management and PR)