Aerospace Propulsion Products (APP) is the European market leader in the field of rocket engine
ignition systems. We develop and manufacture these ignition systems for all European rocket engine
manufacturers. In this way APP contributes to technological progress supporting safety and prosperity
in our world.
APP develops and manufactures ignition systems for space launchers. Those launchers are
invaluable, both for science as well as for our daily lives. Navigation, weather forecasts, telecom and
disaster control can hardly be done without satellites. Rockets bring satellites to their destination: in
orbit around the earth.
From the start, APP has transferred space technology to other industries. More than ever, APP invests
in new product development using her knowledge and experience in space. For example: a fast gas
generator to prevent dust explosions, or applications to extinguish fire instead of lighting it
APP has a straightforward company structure with a production department and an engineering
department. Today APP employs about 50 people at our site in Klundert, the Netherlands. APP has all
capabilities and facilities available for technology development, engineering and production. Our
activities can be performed along the highest quality standards as required for example for our space
products. Special attention is given to the safety of our products and our production facility.